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AIR FLOW Prophylaxis Master

Prophylaxis Master is a cutting-edge tool by EMS designed to make your dental care experience better. It’s like a superhero for your teeth, helping prevent cavities and gum problems. Dental Hygienists love it because it’s easy to use, very precise, and super clean.

With this amazing device, you won’t need those old-fashioned rubber cups, brushes, and paste anymore. Instead, it uses AIRFLOW PLUS powder to gently and effectively remove the stuff that causes problems for your teeth and gums. Think of it as a gentle cleaning breeze for your mouth. And for those areas that need a little more attention, there’s the PIEZON┬« NO PAIN with PS Instrument. It’s like a gentle superhero tooth scaler.

The best part? Your dental hygienist can control everything with a magic foot pedal, so you can relax and know you’re in good hands. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and say hello to a better, more comfortable dental experience with the AIRFLOW┬« Prophylaxis Master!