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Dr. Geoffrey Newton

Grand Cayman, Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Newton has been creating great smiles for children, teens, and adults since 1995!  When not in the Grand Cayman Islands, this certified orthodontist can be found running his busy orthodontic practice in Etobicoke Ontario.

Dr. Newton is devoted to creating beautiful smiles and has decades experience doing just that!

It was a road to discover my passion in Orthodontics!  Finding out what you are good at and what makes you happy takes time, trial and error.  It was second year dental school that I decided orthodontics was what I really wanted to spend time doing. I realized that it fulfilled my interests as it was – scientifically challenging; requiring good dexterity; dynamic control of a changing person; and lastly, treating patients that see the need for care and would be happy and appreciative with the end result.

Dr.Newton Graduated with a Masters of Science as a Certified Orthodontist from Saint Louis University.  At SLU he was awarded a Fellowship in the Cleft Palate program. After decades now running his own busy clinic in Canada, Dr.Newton has said that what he likes the best about his job is making people smile! Knowing that you have helped them feel more confident and positive is a huge reward!

Beyond his career, Dr. Newton has many interests!  He’s fascinated with coral reef life, enjoys gardening and herpetology.  He has bred panther chameleons and currently owns a pair. Nurturing is in his nature!