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What a straighter smile means for your overall health

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Oral Hygiene

Did you know, seeing an Orthodontist is not just about a pretty smile!? 

Properly aligned teeth are clinically proven to improve your overall health as well.  Read on to learn more!

Crooked teeth don’t do wonders for your smile!  And your smile is one of the most important social assets you have!  But aside from aesthetics, having a crooked smile also contributes to other health related problems which orthodontic treatment help address.  Regardless of whether you elect to have your teeth straightened with Braces or Invisalign or some other clear aligner system, here are a few facts about how a straighter smile helps you achieve better overall health.


1. Good Oral Hygiene

The more gaps and openings between the teeth there are the more areas there are for harmful bacteria to attack the tooths enamel and the gums which can lead to potentially serious issues if not properly cared for.  Many people think Oral hygiene is just about having better breath, but trust us (We’re the experts!) oral hygiene is actually CRITICAL to your overall health and there are many scientific studies proving it.  Crooked teeth are just harder to clean, and the more you neglect the teeth the bigger the chances are for bacteria to build up leading to tooth decay and periodontal diseases (diseases related to the gums and teeth).  When your teeth are straight and aligned properly, they are easier to clean, make it harder for food remnants to get in between the teeth and actually are less prone to chipping, making your teeth longer lasting and more durable.  Keeping up with proper brushing techniques and definitely flossing between meals is the best chance you have to keeping these completely preventable and sometimes expensive problems at bay.

2. Healthier Gums

When your teeth are crooked or overcrowded the teeth can actually put undue strain on the gums.  This can lead to all sorts of problems like pain, swelling and can lead to teeth becoming loose.  Keeping your gums healthy helps keep your teeth in the right place and that’s why we actually recommend you don’t just brush the teeth but massage the gums as well!  On your next visit, be sure to talk with our amazing hygiene team about this, they will have MANY pointers for you and if followed you will increase your well being overall.

3. Decreased Headaches & Neck Pain

Who knew that crooked and crowded teeth can lead to headaches!?  This is actually caused by the misaligned teeth contributing to an imbalanced bite which can lead to un-due stress being placed on the connective tissues and muscles in the jaw, neck and head.   This is one of the key areas where Orthodontics should actually be viewed as preventative dentistry rather then just aesthetics and beauty!  By promoting optimal jaw and tooth movement you help alleviate all this potential stress and that directly translates to less headaches.  IMPORTANT TIP – remember always to keep your retainer in for the prescribed amount of time every day during and even AFTER your treatment plan is complete!  Teeth move so keeping up with your proper retainer wearing habits is critical to keeping that new amazing aligned smile in place!

4. Improved Overall Health

Scientific research is continually proving the correlations between bad oral health habits and negative affects to your overall health.  The research is overwhelming!   Poor oral health can lead to all sorts of nasty annoying ailments and chronic problems such as neck pain, heard disease, diabetes, ailing eye sight and poor blood pressure just to name a few!  When you keep up with good oral health habits, you are giving your entire health system the best possible chance to live a healthy happy life!